Schwärzler Attorneys at Law

Your law firm in the centre of Switzerland

At our business location in Zug, we advise our national and international clients in a comprehensive manner and we are happy to work for you primarily in the following areas:

Corporate and commercial law

In the area of corporate and commercial law, we are happy to support you in the formation of companies, especially start-ups. We take over the drafting and amendments of articles of association and organisational regulations for you.

In addition, we can assist you in the process of selling companies and conduct these. In the case of cross-border mergers and acquisitions of companies, we act in an advisory capacity and support you in the legal due diligence.

Other areas in which we can work for you are:

  • support for capital changes (capital increase and capital reduction)
  • advice on private equity and venture capital transactions and joint ventures
  • advice on the conduct of board meetings, general meetings, updates of commercial register entries, issuance and cancellation of share certificates, etc.

Process management

An important part of our practice is litigation, particularly in cross-border proceedings. This applies to claims, commercial and labour law proceedings as well as other proceedings before Swiss courts and authorities, but also to disputes between financial service providers and their clients.

Furthermore, we undertake litigation in disputes in corporate law and related areas (e.g., M&A litigation, corporate liability, special audit, joint ventures and shareholders’ agreements, etc.).

Other areas of Schwärzler Attorneys at Law’s practice include providing planning and strategic advice on national and international dispute resolution proceedings, as well as assisting with litigation in other countries and the coordination of disputes in multiple jurisdictions.

We also support you in avoiding litigation, in out-of-court dispute resolution and in the drafting of contracts to avoid disputes.

Criminal law (white collar crime, asset recovery, international mutual legal assistance)

We represent and support aggrieved parties, draft criminal complaints and enforce claims or ensure the recovery of seized assets (asset recovery). We are also active in the field of international legal assistance in criminal matters (account freezes, threatened confiscation of assets, requests for information or file redactions).

Sanctions law

We advise you in the event of embargoes and sanctions (e.g., restrictions on the export and import of goods and services and in the financial sector). In addition to dealing with terrorism and sanctions lists, we also act for you in the case of performance and provision prohibitions vis-à-vis listed persons and companies, investment, payment and financing restrictions and in the topic of compliance.

Inheritance law and succession planning

We are happy to draw up marriage contracts, inheritance contracts and wills as well as advance directives, living wills and custody orders for you and plan your estate to protect your private assets. In addition, we can also take over the cross-border structuring of your assets and act on your behalf in inheritance disputes.

Our Zug notary’s office

  • advice on all types of transactions requiring notarisation
  • formation and dissolution/liquidation of corporations
  • changes in capital (capital increases, capital decreases and capital band)
  • restructuring of legal entities
  • advice on business succession planning
  • preparation of affidavits
  • authentication of signatures and certified copies
  • settlements with the relevant commercial register

Enforcement of judgments and insolvency law

Another area in which we can assist you in is the international enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards, as well as the arrest and realisation of assets in bankruptcy disputes (collocation proceedings, creditor protection etc.).

Corporate Law & Structures

Schwärzler Attorneys at Law offer legal assistance in the formation and administration of companies, foundations and trusts.


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law offer consultation in business takeovers and the restructuring of companies.


Criminal Law & Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters

The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law in Liechtenstein, Zürich and Zug offer comprehensive legal assistance in criminal law matters.


International Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters

The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law can help you avoid information being shared between Liechtenstein or Switzerland and foreign countries.


Family Law

Schwärzler Attorneys at Law advise clients on all legal questions dealing with marriage and registered partnerships.


Employment Law

The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law is ready to inform you about your rights and responsibilities in employment relationships.


Inheritance & Succession Planning

Schwärzler Attorneys at Law offer assistance in the responsible and careful preparation and regulation of your finances during your lifetime.


Compensation for Damages

The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law can assist in examining and enforcing your claim.


Contract Law

The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law provides comprehensive advice and representation on all legal issues relating to contract law.


Investor Protection

The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law offer comprehensive consultation in legal matters relating to investor protection.


Procedural Law/Litigation

The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law will support you in the careful preparation and planning of litigation strategies.

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