Mediation – THE Alternative

We truly believe that as an alternative dispute resolution tool, mediation is of great value for conflict parties and in many cases is a sensible alternative to legal proceedings.

The goal of mediation is to find an amicable solution that is acceptable for all parties. The mediation process offers the advantage that the parties are offered an unbureaucratic and confidential platform for discussion, in which the interests of all sides are considered.


Years of mediation experience

Our many years of experience prove that mediation is much more than “just” an alternative dispute resolution mechanism; but rather, that it is a suitable tool for resolving conflicts and promoting a culture of discussion and resolution.

Dr Helmut Schwärzler and Dr Melanie Burtscher are available as mediators in Liechtenstein to help you resolve conflicts out of court and with constructive discussions or negotiations to find a suitable, binding agreement for everyone involved.

Learn more about mediation here.

If you are looking for an out-of-court solution, our mediators will be happy to assist you.

All specialist areas at a glance

Family Law

Schwärzler Attorneys at Law advise clients on all legal questions dealing with marriage and registered partnerships.


Inheritance & Succession Planning

Schwärzler Attorneys at Law offer assistance in the responsible and careful preparation and regulation of your finances during your lifetime.



The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law specialise in conducting arbitration proceedings in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.


Corporate Law & Structures

Schwärzler Attorneys at Law offer legal assistance in the formation and administration of companies, foundations and trusts.


Procedural Law/Litigation

The team at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law will support you in the careful preparation and planning of litigation strategies.

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