Equal opportunities


Consciously or unconsciously – it doesn’t matter!

“A woman as legal representation? No, thank you. I’d rather have a male lawyer who can represent me in court.”

Sentences like this – spoken consciously or unconsciously – are quite justifiably the cause of disgruntlement among staff and partners.


The result was a landing page on the topic of equal opportunities, and an accompanying campaign on social media.

Consciously or unconsciously – it doesn’t matter!

It is not a question of whether women should be discriminated against, or whether this corresponds to a learned understanding of roles. We at Schwärzler Attorneys at Law want to make people aware of how much language and role patterns can discriminate. It is not accusations and blame that drive us. Rather, we are concerned with drawing attention to what language can or cannot achieve.

Sometimes a thoughtful word is the key to mutual appreciation.

Many thanks for this.

Your Schwärzler Attorneys at Law

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