Ms. Saito is a woman of the world. A well-travelled professional. Has a takeover behind her. A successful one.

Ms. Saito is coming to Europe. Is bringing new ideas with her. Wants to acquire a local company. A takeover is on the cards. She needs people who can be relied on, who are advising, honest, competent and discreet.

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A multinational company: Mr. Schmid has made it. He has established presence. All over the world.

Mr. Schmid spends a lot of time travelling. He often visits the branch offices of his company. He wants to know what's going on. He is welcome wherever he goes. He's good at his job and knows what he's doing.

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Andreas' bad luck: breached duty of care and endlessly falling market prices.

Andreas earned good money. He worked hard and acquired property. He wanted to make provisions to safeguard the future for himself and his family. He contacted his consultant, who gave him bad advice.

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Sabine makes a new start.

Sabine has some tough years behind her. Her marriage wasn't easy. And everything began so well. Martin was loving and a real gentleman when they first started out together.

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