MMag. David Karl Jandrasits, LL.M.

Partner, Attorney at Law

+423 239 85 40


  • Foundation and Trust Law / Corporate Law ((Re-)Structuring, Holding, Corporate Law)
  • Asset Protection and Inheritance Planning (Asset Protection, Succession Planning, Inheritance Law)
  • Private Clients / Tax Planning
  • International Litigation (Corporate Litigation, Asset Recovery)
  • Recognition/enforcement of judgments; insolvency law, debt recovery 
  • Civil and contract law; ins. Commercial law and corporate law
  • Banking and Capital Markets Law (Licensing, Investment Funds, Regulatory/FMA)


2020 - 2022Executive Master of Laws in Corporate Law, Foundation Law and Trust Law (LL.M.)
since 2018Doctoral program (Dr. iur.), Leopold-Franzens University, Innsbruck, Austria
2008 - 2016Diploma studies in Italian Law, University of Innsbruck in cooperation with the University of Padua, Austria
2014 - 2015Study visit, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy
2014Recognition of diploma (Laurea in Giurisprudenza), Bolzano, Italy
2008 - 2014Diploma in Law, University of Innsbruck, Austria
2011 - 2012Study visit, Università degli Studio di Milan-Bicocca, Milan, Italy
2008Upper secondary school Fallmerayerstrasse, Innsbruck, Austria


Professional Experience
since 2023Partner, Schwärzler Attorneys at Law, Zurich and Liechtenstein
2019 - 2022Attorney at Law, Schwärzler Attorneys at Law, Zurich and Liechtenstein
since 2019Established European Lawyer, LawFed Studio Legale BRSA, Milan, Italy
2016 - 2019Associate, Schwärzler Attorneys at Law, Schaan, Liechtenstein
2016Traineeship, Legal Department of the Tyrolean Provincial Government, Innsbruck, Austria
2015 - 2016Judicial Internship, Higher Regional Court Innsbruck, Austria
2014 - 2015Associate / Practicante avvocato, Studio Legale Gebhard, Milan, Italy
2012 - 2014Associate, Tramposch & Partner, Innsbruck, Austria
2012Associate, Studio Legale Gebhard, Milan, Italy
2011Legal Associate, Tramposch & Partner, Innsbruck, Austria
2007Internship, Regionalmedian Austria AG, Innsbruck, Austria
2005Internship, Regionalmedian Austria AG, Innsbruck, Austria
2004Internship, Regionalmedian Austria AG, Innsbruck, Austria


Publications and Lectures
08/2023Speech: AIJA Annual Congress - Rio de Janerio, OECD Inclusive Forum on Carbon Mitigation Approaches (IFCMA)
07/2023Abstract: Legal assistance between Liechtenstein and the European Vaduz Public Prosecutor's Office
06/2023Interview: LAWSTYLE ® Magazin
05/2023Speech: IBA Annual Litigation Forum in Bueons Aires 
03/2023Interview Corporate Law Club
03/2023Speech: AIJA Tax Conference, The future of holding companies in a world of withholding taxes, Pillar 2 and “unshell”-initiatives
02/2023Abstract: Liechtenstein: Foundations and Trusts can seek compensation for damages from asset managers
07/2022Abstract: Focus on trusts in Liechtenstein and Switzerland
06/2022Abstract: Trusts in Liechtenstein: New possibilities for conflict resolution
03/2022Abstract: Greensill Capital: Why the data leak is not the only problem of Credit Suisse
02/2022Abstract: Credit Suisse case: Could laws serve as a shield?
01/2022Abstract: Foundations in Liechtenstein: Foundation and family governance
11/2021Abstract: Holding foundations and companies in Liechtenstein: Advantages and tax aspects
08/2021Abstract: Company succession and asset protection: The Liechtenstein trust
07/2021Abstract: Reclaiming illegal retrocessions from Swiss banks
06/2021Speech: Due diligence of financial intermediaries in light of OECD recommendations
04/2021Abstract: "Investments in Switzerland: These are the advantages of the new rules on the Swiss Limited"
03/2021Abstract: "Life insurance policies in Liechtenstein: What are the real risks and costs?"
02/2021Abstract: "Negative intrest rates: The dark side of Swiss swap-libor loans"
01/2021Abstract: "Acquisition of vacation residences in Switzerland for foreigners".
10/2020Lecture University of Liechtenstein - Substance Requirement and Amendment of § 165 Criminal Code
08/2020Abstract: "Important news for Swiss branch clients."
07/2020Abstract: "(International) bank customers can request the bank to return so-called retrocessions, also known as kickbacks"
06/2020Abstract: "Liechtenstein decides to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities"
04/2020Abstract: "The UAE Jurist Recovery of Retrocessions (Kickbacks) from Swiss Banks and Financial Service Providers" 
04/2020Abstract: "Re-Domiciliation of Investment Funds - Cayman Islands blacklisted by European Union" 
01/2020Abstract: "Swiss Bank Retrocession System", LEX Arabiae 01/2020
01/2020Abstract: Dr. Helmut Schwärzler, Dr. Lukas Rattacher und MMag. David Karl Jandrasits, Liechtenstein Journal 04/2019
12/2019Abstract: "Adaptation of the Liechtenstein Persons and Companies Act (PGR) to International Standards - Overview and Practice Relevant Opinion"
11/2019Speech: Lecture University of Liechtenstein on "Brexit - Opportunities and Risks"
07/2019Abstract: “BREXIT – This is why Liechtenstein is very well prepared for the plans of Boris Johnson”
06/2019Abstract: "Investment Funds in Liechtenstein: 10 Facts every AIF-Investor should know”
04/2018Abstract: "Small change in law with great potential for innovative business ideas - Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative LVC"




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