A multinational company: Mr. Schmid has made it. He has established presence. All over the world.

Mr. Schmid spends a lot of time travelling. He often visits the branch offices of his company. He wants to know what's going on. He is welcome wherever he goes. He's good at his job and knows what he's doing.

Multinational also means numerous national laws

But being present in many countries means being subject to different national laws. How to deal with legal problems, when accounts are frozen or assets are frozen in other countries? It's one thing to have these and similar problems handled professionally by an experienced law firm that is discrete and sensitive. Potential damage to the images of innocent parties and long drawn-out proceedings are quite another.


Trust and security

This is the reason why Mr. Schmid relies on a law firm that offers him this expertise and a great deal more for his success story. Knowledge acquired over many years and a widely branched network enables us to respond quickly to any legal problems that arise – with competence, strength and authority. After all, Mr. Schmid must be able to count on his assets. And rightly so.

  • International judicial assistance
  • Unfreezing frozen assets
  • Mutual judicial assistance procedures
  • Processing of contracts