Mr. Saito is a man of the world. A well-travelled professional. Has a takeover behind him. A successful one.

Mr. Saito is coming to Europe. Is bringing new ideas with him. Wants to acquire a local company. A takeover is on the cards. He needs people he can depend on. Who advise him. Honestly. Competently, Discretely.

With due diligence.

Europe is somewhat strange to Mr. Saito. Different rituals. Unaccustomed social graces. Unfamiliar business conduct. Mr. Saito is accompanied by his team of advisers. But not from Europe. He realises that he needs assistance. We give Mr. Saito the support that he needs. To ensure the implementation of his undertaking. To ensure that he enjoys being in Europe.


A pathway through the jungle of regulations

How is Mr. Saito going to acquire the knowledge of our economic and company legislation that he needs? Who is going to give him a reliable assessment of his risks? How is he going to deal with the applicable tax regulations? Which dependable partner is going to arrange the investment or takeover quickly and smoothly? The answer is short and easy: we are. Because we want Mr. Saito to love Europe.

  • Advice concerning mergers and takeovers
  • Support in antitrust issues
  • Contract preparation in accordance with trademark law, design copyrights and patent law
  • Details of our services