Andreas' bad luck: breached duty of care and endlessly falling market prices.

Andreas earned good money. He worked hard and acquired property. He wanted to make provisions to safeguard the future for himself and his family. He contacted his consultant, who gave him bad advice.

The problem with due diligence

His consultant made a lot of promises. The prices rose. Andreas believed that he was on the safe side. But he hadn't reckoned with his consultant. Highly speculative and risky instead of safe and future-oriented. Andreas' assets soon went up in smoke, along with his trust and confidence. The result – a financial disaster through no fault of his own.


Help provided quickly without any red tape

Desperate as he was, Andreas went looking for a legal adviser, who needed to be experienced, competent and forceful. We lent him our support: we deployed all of our expertise in tort and conducting litigation, represented Andreas against the seemingly overpowering opponent who was forced him to his knees. Andreas is able to smile again now.

  • Investigating possible claims for damages
  • Representation vis-à-vis opposing parties
  • Conducting litigation of a high quality standard