Conflicts in (Family) Foundations – made for Mediation? Dr Melanie Burtscher, in Wirtschaft Regional (24.1.2020)

Mediation is usually not the first choice when it comes to resolving disputes in foundations. Wrongly so, as this article by Dr Melanie Burtscher shows: (family) foundations are characterised by a limited circle of foundation participants, who are often related to each other.

Conflicts between these actors are thus regularly “real” family and inheritance disputes, which are shifted to the foundation level through the contribution of the family assets to the foundation. In such arrangements, there is often not only a desire to resolve the current conflict, but also to (re)establish peace in the relationship.

Mediation offers potential for this that goes far beyond the possibilities of court proceedings to deal with the conflict. In a binding but consensual way, a much more cost-effective solution than arbitration is possible.

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