some other time


What happens when an inventive law firm meets musicians and artists in the time of COVID-19? No, we’re not talking about a copyright lawsuit – something much better: a fun, creative project. One that makes working from home bearable. And one that maybe makes you reflect.

„some other time. i can do my workout online. i’ll definitely get to it. next week. or some other time.“

COVID-19 Diaries – 13 stories set to music about the trials and tribulations of working from home. Our protagonists: Schwärzler Attorneys at Law employees who once again have proven their creativity. Writer and rapper Philipp “Scheibsta” Scheiblbrandner threw his musical talent into the mix, and production agency TRELLER put it all together.

„interesting. the future might really change. history is changing course. we might be onto something.“


Lyrics: Schwärzler attorneys and employees
Read and recorded by Philipp Scheiblbrandner and Philipp Bernsteiner

Published on Facebook and LinkedIn in August 2020