VW emission scandal: SKS files appeal with Swiss Federal Supreme Court

Dr. Alexander Amann and Schwärzler Attorneys at law, together with SKS (Foundation for Consumer Protection, Switzerland), have developed a legal proceeding to combine and assert claims of car owners affected by the VW-emissions scandal in Switzerland.

At the end of 2017, the extensive damages lawsuit for around 6,000 harmed car owners was filed with the Commercial Court in Zurich. In December 2019, the Zurich Commercial Court dismissed the claim for damages because SKS would lack the procedural capacity to bring the action for damages.

Dr. Alexander Amann and the SKS (Foundation for Consumer Protection, Switzerland) do not agree with the decision of the Commercial Court in Zurich of December 2019 and have filed an appeal with the Swiss Federal Supreme Court.

Please find below the media release dated 28./29.01.2020 with the latest news as well as the telephone interview of Dr. Alexander Amann at Radio ZüriSee of 28.01.2020.

Interview Dr. Alexander Amann, Radio ZüriSee, 28.01.2020

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VW Dieselgate - Schwärzler Rechtsanwälte vertreten betroffene VW-Fahrzeughalter (Eigentümer und Leasingnehmer) in der Schweiz und Liechtenstein