Another time

What if an innovative law firm in COVID-19 times encountered musicians and creatives? This is how a project came into being that made remote working bearable and allowed reflections out of the box.

“Another time. I can do my dance training online. I absolutely will. Next week. Or some other time.”

COVID-19 Diaries – 13 stories set to music about everyday life working from home. The protagonists were employees of Schwärzler Rechtsanwälte, who outed themselves as creatives with their texts. Story inventor and rapper, Philipp “Scheibsta” Scheiblbrandner with the Treller agency.

“Interesting. The future could really change. History is changing direction. That could be something.”

Text: Lawyers and staff of Schwärzler Attorneys at Law

Read and set to music by Philipp Scheiblbrandner and Philipp Bernsteiner

Published on Facebook and LinkedIn in July and August 2020

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